Fear the Walking Dead Crossover is Coming

Fear the Walking Dead Crossover is Coming

Fear the Walking Dead Crossover is Coming

The cast and crew of The Walking Dead shambled into The Theater at Madison Square Garden Saturday night for a capacity crowd, and they were there for one thing in particular: one last sneak peek at Season 8. Although both shows take place in completely different locations and feature different characters, The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman confirmed that both TV worlds are going to collide in the future, Entertainment Weekly reports. But there are two. "There is one character that is going to go from one show that will from one show and appear in the other show". He speculated on what the crossover could mean, teasing that a character's backstory could connect the two shows, or perhaps an older version of a "Fear the Walking Dead" character could show up on "The Walking Dead".

After a bleak Season 7 of "Walking Dead", it appears show creators are going heavy on fan service.

Or it could simply become an advert for Fear The Walking Dead by bringing in one of their characters into the mainline show, which might be the most cynical option.

Are you looking forward to this crossover between the 2 shows?

It could be a great opportunity to flesh out a character who isn't so much in the spotlight, like Enid, Rosita or Jesus.

Season 3, Episode 14 is called "El Matadero" and there's reason for Madison (Kim Dickens) to look anxious. At this stage in the game for both shows, it's hard to imagine anybody crossing the country without getting killed.

If you look at the replies to the AMC tweet below a good two-thirds of them are people complaining because they don't like Fear the Walking Dead, even though season 3 of it is arguably (at least per us at CarterMatt) the best season of either show since maybe The Walking Dead season 4 or 5.

Whatever path the writers have chosen, Kirkman emphasized that this is a big deal in the world of Walking Dead.

On a more serious note, Kirkman added, "We're very excited about this; there's going to be more news on this in the coming months".

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