MSSU Domestic Violence Awareness

MSSU Domestic Violence Awareness

MSSU Domestic Violence Awareness

October was declared "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" by county commission chair George Bailey Tuesday as part of the Women's Aid "Day of Unity" which was also recognized during ceremonies in Clare and Isabella counties.

The designated color for Domestic Violence Awareness Month is purple, and Campbell presented Lucas with a stack of magnetic ribbons at the meeting to place on deputies' cruisers.

In 2016 law enforcement in Douglas County responded to 585 calls related to domestic abuse. "It even touched the police department more than it normally does; we had one of our dispatchers murdered by her husband". It then becomes a challenge for people to stand against something that doesn't technically involve them.

Multiple events are scheduled, starting Saturday, to adress the issue of domestic violence in Hunt County.

The Shelter for Help and Emergency held their 27th Annual Candlelight Vigil at Justice Park on Monday October 2nd. However, most college students do not always recognize it, and if they do, they do not know what to do about it. Fifty-eight percent do not know how to help a victim, 38 percent do not know how to get help for themselves and 57 percent find it hard to identify dating abuse. Additional details are available at the link below.

"We feel that for too long it was silent - nobody wanted to talk about it", Rodriguez said.

The detective was recently honored with the 2017 Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Award from the Oklahoma Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board on September 13 in front of a standing room-only crowd. "I can tell you the impact of a judge explaining the process cannot be understated".

To find out more about S.H.A.R.E. Inc. or to get help with a domestic violence-related situation, visit or call the crisis/office line at 970-867-4444 or toll-free at 1-877-867-9590.

One attendee who works with the Self-Help Center also works with kids in "Safe Homes", or areas away from domestic violence.

"We have to stop asking the question why does she stay and focus on why is he hurting her, that's where the crime is being committed", said gill. "We applaud Governor Ducey for doing so much to raise awareness for domestic violence survivors and the programs that provide support".

Angela Lee, a survivor of domestic violence, spoke at the event.

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