How to save mobile data by using Facebook Messenger Lite

How to save mobile data by using Facebook Messenger Lite

How to save mobile data by using Facebook Messenger Lite

Well, if you've been cursing Zuckerberg's name when any of the above happens, know this: Messenger Lite is now available in the USA along with Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Facebook's "Lite" version of its Messenger app is now available for Android users in the Google Play Store.

As for Facebook Messenger, the app has always had its own set of emojis, but according to Android Police, it seems that Facebook has chose to revert the emojis back to the same emojis that the Facebook platform uses.

Previously Messenger Lite was aimed at emerging markets, where many people use older phones with slower internet speeds, or smaller storage. The app that we can call quota-friendly is now downloadable globally from Google Playstore. There's still no plan for an iOS version, though. The app specifically targeted for low-powered Android devices that can't handle bloatware on the regular Messenger app. Because, if users find that Lite is fast and providing quick responses they will prefer Messenger instead of returning back to the SMS or iMessage, or staying to Snapchat.

Messenger Lite was initially intended for markets where Internet bandwidth remains a premium.

As many people have no access to 3G and 4G network coverage, this slimmed down app is essential for a company to broaden its market. It's only 10MB in size, which is a significant cut down from the original Facebook Messenger app's download size of 46MB.

Facebook Messenger Lite made its way into India in July. And where there are friends who can't use an app, people end up switching to one they can. The Lite version is for those users who are using regular Messenger and irritated by all that extra stuff.

Lite version is developed for mobile data-constrained countries and entry-level Android smartphones.

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