Amazon, Georgia: If You Name It, Will the Company Come?

Amazon, Georgia: If You Name It, Will the Company Come?

Amazon, Georgia: If You Name It, Will the Company Come?

Still, The New York Times ran a slew of cities through the gamut, trying to identify which city would be flawless for Amazon's new headquarters.

On Monday, the city council adopted a resolution supporting the concept to de-annex a portion of its city limits as an incentive for the Seattle-based company to relocate to metro Atlanta. And they have proven more willing than ever to offer big benefit packages to major companies that are willing to relocate to their jurisdictions. The headquarters will eventually employ 50,000 people.

"There are several major USA cities that want Amazon, but none has the branding opportunity we are now offering this visionary company". "How could you not want your 21st Century headquarters to be located in a city named Amazon?".

The company is looking for a 175-acre site in North America located near an global airport, with public transit access and a high quality of life. The Amazon jobs are expected to pay an average salary of $100,000. Local boosters say New Orleans has the land, airport access and creative culture to lure Amazon.

Ramos said Springfield would work with other cities in the region to submit a proposal to Amazon.

What city will ultimately woo Amazon for HQ2?

Amazon is looking for a 175-acre site for new headquarters as part of a global expansion plan, and in order to secure it, Stonecrest City Council, located in DeKalb County, Georgia, is willing to do anything.

Stonecrest officials reportedly plan to submit an official bid to Amazon before the October 19 deadline so only time will tell if a city named after his pride and joy is enough to sway Bezos.

Princeton-based business location consultant John Boyd, however, told New Jersey 101.5 he considers Washington the head of the pack, followed by Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and New Jersey.

The development project would amount to billions of dollars in direct and indirect investment.

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