Nissan Recalls 1.2 Million Cars In Japan

Nissan Recalls 1.2 Million Cars In Japan

Nissan Recalls 1.2 Million Cars In Japan

The vehicle checks by unqualified technicians came to light during the transport ministry's unannounced on-site inspection of the company.

But today it revealed that the problem would affect a much larger number of cars.

Chief executive Hiroto Saikawa said in a press conference that while Nissan was "busy" and "under-staffed" it would take possible safety issues seriously through the reassessment of the vehicles. The recall is expected to cost Nissan more than ¥25 billion (RM937 million).

The automaker's shares fell by more than 5% upon news of the recall, its lowest since April before closing down 2.7%.

Inspection checks that will need to be re-done include steering, braking and acceleration verification.

"A team that includes an independent third party is now investigating the causes and measures to prevent recurrence", Nissan says in a news release.

Nissan has already hired an independent investigator to figure out how the improper inspections were able to go on for so long without anyone noticing.

"Rather than officially certified inspectors, those supporting them performed the task", he told reporters at the company's headquarters in Yokohama near Tokyo.

Over 386,000 passenger vehicles were sold by Nissan in Japan previous year, all of which will have to be checked again.

Nissan discovered the fault in its inspection regime at the end of last week, and temporarily suspended sales in Japan.

The recall covers the automaker's entire lineup-at least those produced between October of 2014 and September of this year.

Tokyo-based Takata has recalled about 100 million airbags globally, including about 70 million in the USA, because of the risk that they could improperly inflate and rupture, potentially firing deadly shrapnel at the occupants.

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