Youngest Ball bids goodbye to high school

Youngest Ball bids goodbye to high school

Youngest Ball bids goodbye to high school

LaMelo Ball will no longer be attending high school, this after news emerged that his father, LaVar Ball, believes he can do a better job training and teaching his son. I don't want no distractions on Melo. I'm not letting them mess with his head anymore. I am disappointed it couldn't have worked better for LaMelo and the players. Ironically enough, the only thing Latimore did to anger LaVar was say that LaMelo needed to stop shooting 50 shots-a-game, which, he frankly isn't in the wrong for demanding. Instead, the Big Baller Brand head honcho will be working with his son on his own, in order to make him "the best basketball player ever".

All this seems a bit fitting for Chino Hills, which reacted to LaVar's ludicrous public criticism of previous coach Stephan Gillig as he led the program to a 30-3 record in 2016-17 by opening the position, meaning Chino will have its third coach in three years despite extraordinary recent success.

The 16-year-old will still play travel ball.

The move delivers a crushing blow to the Chino Hills team, but LaVar is only focused on his son's future. Lonzo played one season before declaring for the draft.

LaMelo is already committed to the UCLA Bruins for the class of 2019, following in the footsteps of his brother LiAngelo, who is now a freshman, and his oldest brother Lonzo who was taken #2 overall by the Los Angeles Lakers after one season at UCLA. "(LaMelo)'s on track for UCLA, but he doesn't have to be dealing with those knuckleheads.

"The coach made a comment the other day", Ball told Shelburne.

"I'm not going to put my son through all that".

LaMelo is the youngest son of the Ball trio, a basketball family that has captivated and/or alienated the hoops world over the past year, depending on whom you ask.

Known for making bold, outspoken claims, LaVar Ball is back with more controversial news.

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