Walmart Just Leaked Google's Stuff A Day Early

Walmart Just Leaked Google's Stuff A Day Early

Walmart Just Leaked Google's Stuff A Day Early

The Pixel 2 XL is expected to have a larger QHD display, and run you $849 for a 64GB model ($949 for the 128GB model). The stereo front facing speakers are clearly visible once more, as are the smaller bezels compared to last year's model and the rounded screen corners. A new Chromebook called the Pixelbook is also expected to launch and details of the device have been seen in a reseller's inventory listing. One topline feature you need to know about is that the Pixel 2 XL has a screen-to-body ratio of around 80% to 85% - placing it in the same category as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It could also be an AR or VR accessory for the new smartphones, like a detachable camera. We have only had one Pixel Day, but the second annual Pixel Day is promising to be a big one with Google gearing up to launch several devices.

A genuine comedy of errors just took place in anticipation of Google's big product launch event tomorrow, as a Twitter user by the name of Raymond Durk randomly caught a glimpse of a "GoogleHome2787" device in need of urgent setup.

This year has been a smart voice assistant so far, with Apple joining Google, Amazon and among others and is committed to release HomePod. The new smart speaker is said to be premium in terms of both design and build material.

Following a series of leaks that we shared with you earlier, here's another image of the $50 Google Home Mini Assistant along with the Pixel 2 XL (Via Walmart listing). But many details have already been revealed, including designs and color options for the devices. There's no information available as yet about the device's release.

The virtual reality is something the Mountain View made right into its last Pixel smartphones, and the Android mobile operating system the company shipped with.

This isn't the first time photos of the Mini have been leaked. Unfortunately, that speaker isn't expected to actually be announced until tomorrow. In Google's case, it looks like we're looking at an 18:9 display - or 2,560 x 1,312 for the 5.6in model.

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