Now a New Mini Commodore 64 Is Coming

Now a New Mini Commodore 64 Is Coming

Now a New Mini Commodore 64 Is Coming

It could do a few useful things, but the C64 was always first and foremost a gaming system in our house.

The mini-console also provides some extra bang for your buck with the addition of 64 Commodore classics; Uridium, Paradroid, Monty Mole and Hawkeye are all there along with a pretty wide-ranging selection of other favourites. Members of the team also successfully bought to market the C64DTV direct to TV C64 games console, and Nintendo Wii C64 games.

"Most of these were rated over 90 percent by leading publications of the day, with many winning coveted awards". I know that a certain portion of the readership will be excited to play around with the Commodore 64 Mini.

Classic home computer the Commodore 64 is staging a comeback - this time as a fully-licensed "mini" version.

The new Commodore 64 Mini will have two USB ports that will enable the connection of joysticks or even the keyboard itself. Not only did we learn that the Commodore 64 is making a return in the form of the C64 Mini, but today is also the day that the SNES Classic launches in the US.

For purists, the C64 Mini will have filtering options for CRT, pixel-perfect mode as well as scanline emulation. The reborn machine has a pair of USB ports that can be used to connect a modern keyboard, record game saves, or update the device's firmware.

Unlike many of my friends, my first video game console wasn't the original NES.

Retro Games Ltd is made up of people with a combined games industry experience of over 100 years. The C64 Mini is expected to ship sometime in 2018, with an estimated retail price of US$ 70 (or about RM 260). It should, as Koch Media is the distributor, and they've got a solid name in the games business. The same functionality will also allow bedroom coders to create brand new games - although there's a little bit of a catch.

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