Popular Wellness Blogger Fined For Faking Terminal Brain Cancer Cure

Popular Wellness Blogger Fined For Faking Terminal Brain Cancer Cure

Popular Wellness Blogger Fined For Faking Terminal Brain Cancer Cure

She claimed to have been diagnosed with brain cancer as a 20-year-old and given four months to live but had cured her own cancer with oxygen therapy and a gluten and refined sugar-free diet.

Gibson, seen here allegedly eating "vegan donuts", built a small social media empire pushing dangerously unfounded ideas, including how she cured the cancer she never actually had with good nutrition and that vaccines are harmful.

Gibson was specifically found guilty of five breaches of Australian consumer laws.

Gibson claimed she had brain cancer, healed herself with natural remedies and lied to consumers about donating to charities from the sales of her Whole Pantry app and book.

But in June Mortimer said there was no point in issuing a significant fine against a person or company if they had no means of paying that penalty.

The blogger then released her own lifestyle and cookery book The Whole Pantry, which was hotly anticipated. Her story of shunning conventional medicine and curing herself with food began to fall apart in 2015 when it was revealed she never made thousands of dollars in charity donations she promised off the back of money raised through her success.

"No. None of it's true", she confessed.

As public scrutiny intensified, Gibson first claimed that she had been misdiagnosed before admitting that she made the whole story up, in an April 2015 interview with Australian Women's Weekly. Gibson also advocated against vaccinations.

Gibson has previously been banned from making false claims about her health in connective to her wellbeing advice.

An Australian woman that started a popular smartphone app focused on healthy living was reportedly fined $320,000 (USD) Thursday for receiving donations while lying about having cancer. The judge found that Gibson's claims had been misleading and deceptive but there was not enough evidence showing that she was not acting out of delusion.

Gibson did not attend the ruling.

She once again failed to show today, but Justice Mortimer said the court received an email from her at 10.54pm on September 25, after it notified her of today's hearing. "I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do". "She knew exactly what she was doing and thankfully there aren't many people out there like Belle Gibson".

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