PM Modi to inaugurate Sardar Sarovar Dam on his b'day tomorrow

PM Modi to inaugurate Sardar Sarovar Dam on his b'day tomorrow

PM Modi to inaugurate Sardar Sarovar Dam on his b'day tomorrow

There was also a strong buzz around Modi visiting hometown Vadnagar where a number of development works and infrastructure projects have been flagged off to be completed this year including a Rs 9-crore "face-lift" of the Vadnagar railway station.

The release said, "Sardar Sarovar Dam project has helped transport the waters of the River Narmada, to the water-deficient areas of Gujarat through an elaborate canal and pipeline network". Nearly 56 years after the foundation stone for the dam was laid by the then PM Jawaharlal Nehru, it will be inaugurated on September 17.

After the closure of the gates, the height of the dam was increased to 138 metres, with storage capacity raised to 4.73 million cubic metres (MCM) from the existing 1.27 million cubic metres. Modi will visit the site of "Statue of Unity", created to be the world's highest, being built to commemorate Sardar Patel's contribution in uniting 565 erstwhile princely states at the time of India's Independence.

Four states - Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh - will benefit from the project. One of the biggest challenges to construction of the dam came from the well known- Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) led by social activist Medha Patkar.

The event will take place at Kevadia in Narmada district.

The court allowed resumption of work in October 2000.

The saffron party has been blaming the opposition Congress for the project's delay.

The yatra will conclude at Dabhoi in Vadodara district on Sunday, where Narendra Modi will address the public.

"It is the best gift for him on his birthday, as he has worked tirelessly for the dam to bring water in the parched areas of the State", Rupani had said. He will also inaugurate new plants of Amar Dairy, and lay the foundation stone of a honey production centre.

The ruling BJP has tried to encash on the mood towards the Narmada project in the state by holding a Narmada Rath Yatra across 8000 villages.

Parmeshwaran Iyer, Drinking water and sanitation secretary, had earlier said the "Seva Diwas" campaign would see large-scale mobilisation of people from all walks of life, including the PM, Union ministers, chief ministers and parliamentarians, to undertake "shramdaan" for cleanliness and construction of toilets and to make their surroundings free from open defecation.

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