Movie buffs to get super weekend with release of Simran, Lucknow Central

Movie buffs to get super weekend with release of Simran, Lucknow Central

Movie buffs to get super weekend with release of Simran, Lucknow Central

The best part about SIMRAN is Kangana Ranaut and her initial days at the Casino. It is one of the two big Bollywood releases today, the other being Lucknow Central.

It is hard to not draw parallels between Simran and Queen, both movies about women trying to come into their own amid adversities. But what is the entire story? She occupies the frame for most of the film. Her candid talks in Aap Ki Adalat (AKA) where she spoke in details about her forgettable experiences and that how she decided not to let it go without a fight speaks volume about Kangana's big heart.

Simran lacks inspiration and falls hard on the ground with a poor and intolerably executed vehicle chase scene in the end. She has played a small town, simple yet bold, decently educated girl in Queen, Tanu Weds Manu and Tanu Weds Manu Again. Simran film has received good reviews from Film critics and audience.

Simran is worth watching for the honesty of its effort, but pack oodles of patience before you end up at the theatre. As Praful Patel, she epitomizes the good, bad and ugly of life of a single Indian woman. As Praful sinks into a couch in a house she's about to buy to lead an independent life, she doesn't say anything.

Replying to a media query on Ranaut's allegations of harassment by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, she said she had called her up after she came to know about the allegations. His main grouse does seem to be that his daughter chose to marry on her terms and also divorce on her own terms. "To bring boyfriends over?" Sure, her character's English improves and worsens inconsistently, but Ranaut makes it work, especially in brilliant moments like when, about to confess to her crimes, she compares the feeling to that of losing control of her bowels. The amusing, bold yet kind Praful Patel knows what she wants from her life and is ready to take up any path to achieve what she desires.

Praful flies to Las Vegas just to escape from her family drama. "I will find something sinful in this sin city" she quips before entering the jungle. Now, Simran is expected to collect around 2-4 crores at Indian Box office on Day 1. Like emotions, Simran tackles quite a few issues: the xenophobia Indian immigrants to the U.S. face, gender issues within the traditional Indian framework, biased notions against minorities and the like.

Besides the premise, everything else about the film is improbable. The story is dealt with with adequate humour. The one place where Simran itself falters is in the motivation behind the protagonist's climactic decision on that highway - it is amusing, but it is not credible.

First of all, Kangana has cleared all the doubt that an Indian lady cannot steal the show by carrying the whole film on her shoulder. But it suffers from the lack of a strong supporting cast. Sohum Shah's (Sameer) is okay. He tries hard but can not hold a frame with Kangana in it. The movie which is directed by Hansal Mehta and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar. The songs don't make any impact otherwise. There is nothing that you want to do after Simran, save go back home.

Simran starts off with a promising note with the narrative as subtle as Kangana's 2014 outing "Queen". They wrote, "Simran begins well but is soon taken over by its chaos".

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