Jennifer Garner high from "dental anesthesia" will make your day

Jennifer Garner high from

Jennifer Garner high from "dental anesthesia" will make your day

The latest addition to the genre is actor Jennifer Garner, who had an absolute meltdown after a trip to the dentist which she posted to her Instagram.

Sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle, her speech slurred, Jen decides to phone a friend and recount - half-laughing, half-crying - how hearing a song from the Hamilton soundtrack while she was in the dentist's chair, moved her beyond belief.

Thankfully, Jen's waterfall of emotions was captured on video and posted to her Instagram account.

Can you make out what she's trying to say?

She captioned the video: "Throwback Thursday- that time I had dental anesthesia.laughing gas + novocaine + Hamilton = you're welcome. I couldn't stop", Jennifer said in the clip. I told them about it.

But no one seems to have been as affected by exactly like Jennifer Garner was.

"It was so handsome - the music was so pretty".

"Listen to the song".

Ben Affleck's ex is usually so articulate and composed, which is what makes this video so great.

Going to the dentist is a part of life that sucks pretty hard, I think we can all agree on that.

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda was quick to laugh at the clip, as he posted to Twitter: 'BAHAHAHAHA She emailed me this previous year, I can't BELIEVE she posted it!

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