United Kingdom terror arrests hit record high in wake of attacks

United Kingdom terror arrests hit record high in wake of attacks

United Kingdom terror arrests hit record high in wake of attacks

The number of terror-related arrests in the United Kingdom has surged by 68% in a single year, new figures reveal, hitting a record high.

The figure jumped by more than 150 to 379 in the year to June, the highest since records began in 2001.

The British Home Office said that the latest figures include the dozens of arrests that have been made following terrorist attacks in London and Manchester this summer.

Security Minister Ben Wallace said: "The figures released today show the tireless efforts of the police, Security Service and Crown Prosecution Service during what was an unprecedented period of terrorist activity in the UK".

According to the Home Office quarterly bulletin on the police's use of counter-terrorism powers, 123 of the suspects arrested were charged - 105 with terrorism offences - while 189 were released.

But most were not, and even without those major incidents, terror would still have been up by 102 on the year before.

Mr Basu said: "It should be obvious from those figures that the scale is a huge challenge".

"Across that scale people will be at various levels but the public shouldn't expect us to be able to watch everybody all of the time".

The new figures show a 60% jump in arrests linked to worldwide terrorism, from 184 to 294.

Most of the arrests were linked to global terrorism but 52 were for domestic terrorism.

"We have to constantly balance what is a proportionate and necessary investigation against the numbers we are looking at and I am very confident we will continue to do that to the best of our ability".

By the end of June this year, 204 people in the United Kingdom were in custody for terrorism-related offences in the country.

Mark White explained: "Quite often what you see with the likes of a terrorist attack, a lot of people who are initially arrested - they could be family members, friends and associates of someone who has carried out an attack - but after questioning and detailed investigations these people are often released without charge".

The 420% increase in terrorism with no global or Northern Island related links comes amid mounting concern over far-right extremism. Two cases were pending at the time the statistics were compiled.

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