Steven Mnuchin requested a government jet for his honeymoon in Europe

Steven Mnuchin requested a government jet for his honeymoon in Europe

Steven Mnuchin requested a government jet for his honeymoon in Europe

Posted: Sep. 12, 2017 8:00 am Updated: Sep.

Mnuchin himself had to admit his mistake for plugging the animated movie "Lego Batman", which he produced prior to joining Trump's cabinet, since government officials are prohibited from using their position to enrich themselves. Speaking on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Wednesday, Manchin says Trump will focus on tax cuts for the middle class. Congress must also approve a budget and increase the government's borrowing authority.

At a recent donor retreat for House Speaker Paul Ryan in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Mnuchin appeared on a panel, along with a top tax policy staffer from Ryan's office, to discuss overhauling the tax code.

Mnuchin, who had insisted earlier on Tuesday that tax overhaul would be a certainty before year's end, told CNBC that backdating was "something we are considering and it would be a big boon for the economy". They were also slated to attend dinner at the White House on Tuesday with Trump and several senators from both sides of the aisle.

But Cohn's relationship with Trump was badly damaged by his criticism of the president's response to white supremacist marches in Charlottesville, Va., raising doubts about his clout with the president. There has been recent speculation he might leave the administration.

Mncuhin is an independently wealthy Wall Street banker.

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey, one of those at the White House dinner, said later that Mr Trump talked about competitive business taxes, ending taxation of United States corporations' foreign profits and a middle-class tax cut.

Republican lawmakers have said that Trump's legislative deal with Democrats last week to help hurricane victims and keep the government running for another three months could complicate the tax effort, especially in terms of a corporate tax cut. It would balloon if tax rates were cut too deeply without providing offsetting federal spending reductions and closure of tax loopholes, both politically hard tasks.

Mnuchin said the final level for corporate taxes would put them at a "very competitive level" with other countries.

"This is a pass-fail exercise", Mnuchin said, indicating that the critical goal was to enact legislation.

"Every Republican needs this", Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist said. The Treasury said that the travel was not improper since Mnuchin was in Kentucky for meetings related to tax reform and the travel of Linton would be reimbursed.

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