President Trump Will Visit Florida on Thursday

President Trump Will Visit Florida on Thursday

President Trump Will Visit Florida on Thursday

President Donald Trump met with federal and state leaders in Florida on Thursday as he surveyed damage from Hurricane Irma and praised the rapid response of the recovery effort.

Trump has a home in Palm Beach and frequently visits Florida. Myers, just north of Naples, Trump spoke with reporters about discussions on DACA that he had with Democrats in Washington the night before. Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in Florida a year ago by about 1 percentage point.

It was a freaky turn of events for a president who's been inclined recently to turn to Democrats to jump-start legislative imperatives, and it came just days after Trump and the Democratic leaders agreed to back a three-month extension of the debt limit in order to speed federal financial assistance to hurricane-ravaged Southern states.

Irma has devastated Florida, causing at least 25 deaths as of Wednesday morning, and leaving millions without power.

Most recently, though, Melania chose far more subdued footwear as she headed off to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma relief September 14. "And so that's what we're going to give a shot", he said.

Florida Governor Rick Scott visited the Florida Keys Wednesday to help residents, and said a lot of work still needs to be done.

But as his comments about Scott suggested, politics was not far from the surface in Florida, which has been the largest and most pivotal state in recent presidential elections.

The US Coast Guard transported 78 adults, 21 children, and 13 pets from the U.S. Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma.

Mr. Trump then took the time to predict a senate run for Gov. Scott, telling reporters, "I have to say, what do I know, but I hope this man runs for the Senate". The President is in the hurricane affected state to meet the first responders and local officials.

"First Responders are doing an incredible job and I want to thank everybody", Trump said.

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