New Zealand MP Jian Yang denies being a Chinese spy

New Zealand MP Jian Yang denies being a Chinese spy

New Zealand MP Jian Yang denies being a Chinese spy

The report alleges New Zealand's Security Intelligence Service was investigating Mr Yang for his time working in China's so-called "spy schools".

"This is a smear campaign by nameless people who are out to damage me and the National Party 10 days from an election, just because I am Chinese", he said.

He says it's unfortunate this controversy has arisen so close to the election but New Zealand has to establish some clear boundaries on who can be eligible to be an MP.

National Party Leader Bill English said he was aware of Dr Yang's career before politics.

"As my Chinese source told me of Mr Yang in 2011 - in China, once a spy always a spy". This is not a spy thriller from the airport bookshelves, " said Mr Peters, campaigning in the southern city of Dunedin today.

"National and Dr Yang can not prove he has 'come in from the cold'". His current portfolio covers ethnic communities, and he previously sat on the select committee for foreign affairs, defense and trade.

"From the beginning I made it clear to the party that I have this military background, not only to the party but also to other people", he said.

New Zealand is a member of the "Five Eyes" intelligence-sharing network, which also includes the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia.

The revelation "raises questions about Western preparedness to deal with China's increasingly aggressive efforts to influence foreign governments and spy on them", said the newspaper. Former senior Central Intelligence Agency analyst Christopher Johnson told the FT that "China has been very active in recent years placing and cultivating people at the grassroots political levels of Western democracies and helping them to reach positions of influence", and that "it may also be using [New Zealand] as a testing ground for future operations in other countries".

He warned that while Beijing appeared to see New Zealand as a softer target than countries such as the U.S. and Britain, "it may also be using it as a testing ground for future operations in other countries". "Meanwhile, Dr Yang must step aside".

Yang said he had been a student and teacher at the Air Force Engineering College and at the Luoyang Foreign Languages Institute.

He then went on to the Luoyang Foreign Languages Institute, an elite institution for China's military intelligence officers, the report added.

On Wednesday, Yang admitted he had spent time at both institutions but insisted there had been nothing untoward about his work.

"If you define those cadets or students as spies, then yes, I was teaching spies", he said.

"We firmly oppose the false reports issued by certain media that make up stories on hearsay evidence or out of thin air", Geng said. Dr Huang and his wife Shirley Yang Xiuping are permanently banned from Singapore.

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