OurMine Hacks PlayStation Twitter Account

OurMine Hacks PlayStation Twitter Account

OurMine Hacks PlayStation Twitter Account

What really makes OurMine a tough group to label is the fact that few other organizations stand out as having similar traits. The tweets were also deleted. "And no, Sony haven't contact us yet", the hacker group known as OurMine told Business Insider.

The Twitter account alone of PlayStation Network has 14.6 million followers, which should provide an idea of the extent of damage the security breach might have caused.

Ask PlayStation, which happens to be the official PlayStation support Twitter account was today responding to messages in its usual way.

Sony tweeted a very mysterious gif yesterday via their PlayStation Europe account, teasing a possible upcoming announcement. OurMine is not new to hacking high-profile social media accounts.

This may have nothing to do with the Gamescom entirely, rather serving as the first of a series of posts building up to big news at Paris Games Week in October - an industry event that PlayStation has already confirmed to be holding a media briefing for.

The group has maintained that their motive of hacking was not negative.

The group claims to be white hat hackers with no intentions to disrupt the harmony of the internet but highlighting the security and privacy of major organisations, or people is their thing.

This time, it is PlayStation's Twitter account.

Users during the early hours of Sunday went into shock as the hackers claimed to have PSN databases. The group says that their services become useful in case you lose your account information as it can be retrieved through them. All the information should be intact unless they have changed their modus operandi.

The hack that happened to the Twitter account of PlayStation came to light because o the freakish tweets that were made from the account. Learning from the mistakes, Sony has since then has made constant efforts to up its image in terms of security and breaches. One of them is featured in a PlayStation Lifestyle article about the incident, which includes the audacious invitation by OurMine to get in touch with it for security improvements.

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