Pachter: Crackdown 3 Delay Will Not Impact Xbox One X Launch Sales

Microsoft used "Project Scorpio" as the code name for the Xbox One X, its powerful new gaming console set to release on November 7th. In fact, this special console will be branded with the Project Scorpio logo, according to reports. Engadget also speculated that the special console will feature a 1 TB hard drive. Microsoft has finally announced when we'll hear the details regarding the Xbox One X pre-order, and it's not long now. Both retailers have since taken those listings down, but not before we could get a peek at the console in question. However, if the leak on Amazon Germany is true, we've learned about the Xbox One X Day One Edition a good bit before it was supposed to be revealed to the public.

Open-world action-adventure Crackdown 3 is not going to be out at the same time as the Xbox One X.

Though the listing doesn't say anything about what the Day One Edition includes, it does apparently say that pre-purchasers will net some extras.

Having a limited edition Xbox console available at launch would not come as a surprise.

The Xbox One X, which previously had a Project Scorpio codename, was officially announced during the E3 2017 conference in June. The limited edition featured a "DAY ONE 2013" inscriptions on the controller and a unique achievement. Whether that console will be able to help boost Microsoft's fortunes and compete realistically with the Pro remains to be seen, however.

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