Black Journos Turn Backs on 'Offensive' Omarosa

Black Journos Turn Backs on 'Offensive' Omarosa

Black Journos Turn Backs on 'Offensive' Omarosa

Manigault-Newman could not say what, if anything, she had done to address these issues within the administration, but continuously defended her role as a convener. "Honestly it was a total mess but one that accurately shows the divide between the mindsets of the African American community in this country today", she said. She then returned for the sequel of the series "Celebrity Apprentice", and has appeared in several television shows since then.

Gordon, who had shared a tweet prior to the meeting about his career being "built on controversial interviews", the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, went toe-to-toe with the 43-year-old by saying "I'll ask the questions in my way".

"First of all", began fellow panelist Arthur Reed, an author, "Freddie Gray was a black man, not a boy". When Gordon disagreed, Manigault-Newman reportedly said "I have it on tape, boo", to which Gordon responded, "O.K., boo, play it".

Instead of answering, Manigault-Newman urged the audience to get out their phones.

Most of Omarosa's critics are within the broader black community, which is largely are flabbergasted by her loyalty to President Trump, rather than the minorities he often excoriates.

As the discussion focused on President Donald Trump's recent comments flippantly suggesting that police treat criminal suspects rougher, Manigault-Newman interrupted "Are you suggesting that I just walk away?"

Before giving the microphone to Glover, Gordon called the panel a "quagmire" that had "reached the point of diminished returns".

Manigault told Gordon that he was being "aggressive" and demanded him not to "lecture" her.

"Well you're right here, why don't you tell us?" Following the announcement that she would be joining, New Yorker columnist Jelani Cobb, who covers police violence, resigned from the panel, as did New York Times Magazine writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, who was initially scheduled to moderate the conversation.

"Cobb told Page Six that the reason for pulling out 'wasn't simply the addition of Omarosa", The New York Post's Page Six said.

She also argued Trump's comments were "misinterpreted", and police brutality was one of the main issues for the administration. "Also, the panel was very disorganized, and basic things like format were not clear".

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