Japan OKs US flights of Ospreys in Japan

Japan OKs US flights of Ospreys in Japan

Japan OKs US flights of Ospreys in Japan

The aircraft left the Marine Corps Air Station Futenma and are heading for the Misawa Air Base in the northern Aomori prefecture, the Kyodo news agency reported.

"These Marines were our friends, our partners and our allies, so on behalf of the entire US Marine Corps, I wanted to honor their sacrifice", General Robert B. Neller said during a wreath-laying ceremony at the Philippine Heroes Memorial in Fort Bonifacio held earlier this week.

The Defense Department pointed out that commanders have the discretion to determine when the reset will take place within the two-week window. The MV-22 crashed while on final approach to USS Green Bay, a Navy amphibious ship off the east coast of Australia.

Last month, the USMC experienced one of its deadliest aviation accidents on record when a Marine Forces Reserve-operated Lockheed Martin KC-130T crashed in MS and killed 16 service members.

The flying squadrons will review flight incidents and other crash investigations to make Marines better aware of procedures and best practices.

A statement said the halt to flight operations will not affect operational commitments.

Last week, two Marines were declared dead after their aircraft crashed in the waters off Australia's coast. The three Marines killed are believed to have been trapped inside the aircraft as it sank, officials said. Three Marines died in the crash.

As yet, investigators have not announced a cause for either crash. The Marines grounded its entire fleet of 12 KC-130T aircraft following the incident.

Last December, the US grounded its MV-22 Osprey aircraft in Japan at the request of Tokyo following a crash southwest of Okinawa.

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