McGregor wins if fight goes the distance

McGregor wins if fight goes the distance

McGregor wins if fight goes the distance

McGregor worked relentlessly to get under Aldo's skin during the months before their fight, and Aldo recognizes the similarities in the mental game McGregor is playing against Mayweather. Malignaggi did concede McGregor got the better of him in the final two rounds. We thought the worst was about to happen.

After the photo was posted, Malignaggi said that he "came to help this camp out, not to be exploited", and he quit as McGregor's sparring partner shortly after.

McGregor doesn't appear to hold any ill-will toward Malignaggi for his outspoken comments after leaving his camp, but he again hammers home the point that he gave him a torrid time in the ring. The spars were not good for him. Myself and my team, we enjoyed it very much, so we're going to fly him out.

"It shows his character in my opinion", McGregor said, per MMAMania's Dan Hiergesell. "The man was badly, badly concussed". "There's never been a boxing event that generated as much interest from casual fans; we have already passed the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in certain categories on the global side", he said, asserting that there was already $60 million in the hopper which, according to Ellerbe, is more than double what is now in the till for the Golovkin-Alvarez fight in September, an event that reportedly has already sold out.

Malignaggi also claimed McGregor "whimpers like a girl" when he is hit by body shots. "And then the train just kind of rolls with it and it keeps picking up steam as the predictions keep coming true", he said. "But I won't say that there's no negotiations".

Dana White and many others have pointed to Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s troubles with southpaws as a reason a huge underdog has a chance to upset him August 26. But I like the guy. I never said he's going to beat me.

Ellerbe was hot under the collar for sure, and not just because someone turned off the air conditioning at Mayweather's gym. "I'm preparing to win, and to win in devastating fashion", he said.

The WBA recently announced for negotiations to start between Cleverly and mandatory challenger Dmitry Bivol, however a deal has been agreed for Bivol to step-aside to let the bout with Jack take place.

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