'Tell my family I love them'

'Tell my family I love them'

'Tell my family I love them'

Officials in South Carolina this week released dramatic glasses cam video from a January 1, 2016 shooting of an Estill, South Carolina police officer.

He was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his crime, and Smith's, testimony along with the body cam footage, is what put him away.

Orr was sentenced to the maximum amount of time with 30 years for the attempted murder offense and 5 years for the weapons violation.

The footage shows Officer Quincy Smith pointing a stun gun at suspect Malcolm Antwan Orr and ordering him to stop walking away.

The doctors managed to save Smith in time, who suffered life threatening neck injury and two broken bones, Solicitor Duffie Stone of the 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office, the chief prosecuting agency, told the journalists.

SC police officer Quincy Smith bought his own eyeglass-camera on Amazon to help record his interactions with the public during his shift.

The officer gave Orr one more final warning that he would be forced to use a Taser if he didn't comply with his demands.

In the video, Smith could be heard telling emergency responders, "Tell my family that I love them". He fires off at least eight rounds, hitting Smith at least three times. Orr would neither stop nor remove his hand from his pocket.

"Tell my family I love them", implored a SC police officer whose video of his own near-death shooting was released this week, just one day after his convicted attacker was sentenced to prison.

As shots continue to ring out, Smith runs back to his cruiser and radios for help. Smith said he prays for Orr and his family.

A bystander, who witnessed the shooting, approaches Smith and offers to help. I don't know. Where are you shot at?

At that point, the video shows Orr quickly drawing a 9mm handgun and firing multiple times - even as he kept the cellphone to his ear with his other hand.

"Dispatch I am hit!" Stay with me. Stay with me man.

According to WJCL, Smith is still on medical leave, but he hopes to return to active duty with the Estill Police Department in 2018.

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