Not guilty plea for suspect in officer's death

Not guilty plea for suspect in officer's death

Not guilty plea for suspect in officer's death

Ian McCarthy, 39, has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Clinton police officer Gary Michael.

Bill Lowe said William Noble, 35, of Clinton was taken into custody Thursday and charged with felony tampering with evidence.

The manhunt for Ian McCarthy, who police say fatally shot a rookie police officer at a Missouri traffic stop is over, police announced Tuesday night.

McCarthy's been charged with First Degree Murder for the shooting.

McCarthy was convicted of stabbing Michael Pawlick, 23 at the time, during a fight involving at least seven young men at Maple and Auburn streets in Manchester during 2001, police said.

A $25,000 cash only bond has been requested.

New Charges Filed in Fatal Shooting of Police Officer. Charged is William Grant Noble of Clinton
2Nd man arrested in Clinton police officer's death, faces tamper - WENY News

The affidavit did not say why officers wanted to talk to him, but they told him they wanted to see guns he owned. Police say Noble acted like he was visibly upset and faked crying.

Noble said he "panicked" when he found the rifle back at his home on Monday and threw it into a creek near Clinton.

The officer says: "I asked him why he was fake crying and he said he had sold the firearm to McCarthy". McCarthy appeared via video during his arraignment Friday in Henry County.

The officers then asked Noble if he knew where the gun was. He took officers to the creek Thursday, where they recovered a rifle that "meets the description and be the weapon used in the murder", according to the probable cause statement.

On Thursday, the officers drove him to the location outside the city and found the gun in water near the intersection of NW 300th and NW 131st roads. Investigators on Wednesday still were trying to retrace McCarthy's whereabouts during his two days on the run and determine if he had any help eluding authorities, Lowe said. When Michael exited his vehicle to initiate contact with the driver, he was shot, Lowe said, adding that the officer fired back but it's unknown at this time whether the driver was struck. The bullets that hit Michael ultimately killed him.

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