NOAA-led report contradicts Trump, concludes climate change is very real

NOAA-led report contradicts Trump, concludes climate change is very real

NOAA-led report contradicts Trump, concludes climate change is very real

He noted that the Times darkly fretted that the draft report "has not yet been made public" but "a copy of it was obtained by The New York Times".

The supposedly-leaked and suppressed report had, in fact, been publicly available for months before the New York Times reported its "scoop" - forcing the Times to publish a correction to its story.

The 27th annual "State of the Climate" report, led by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), stands as the first comprehensive rebuke by the nation's and world's climate scientists to the presidency of Donald Trump. The New York Times was caught once again spreading propaganda in its report on the latest Climate Science Special Report (CSSR).

The report said that through greenhouse-gas emissions and widespread deforestation, humans were conducting an "unprecedented experiment" with the climate system.

Trump's emphasis on fossil fuels is particularly notable in light of Thursday's report. According the original article, the material wasn't being released because it contradicted the views of Team Trump.

In a statement, Smith argued the "alarmist media is at it again" and tried to one-up the thousands of studies referred to in the report, suggesting he knows better than the tens of thousands of scientists who wrote them. But those who challenge scientific data on human-caused climate change say they are equally anxious that the draft report, as well as the larger National Climate Assessment, will be publicly released. A new USA report says last year's weather was far more extreme or record breaking than anything approaching normal. She responded, "I said, NO - why bother?"

"To treat a climate report that has been public for months and is now undergoing official comment by numerous federal agencies as a final document does a disservice to the American people".

A Warming PlanetRising global temperatures are linked to more extreme weather events, such as heat waves, floods, and droughts.

The report says it is "extremely likely" that human activity is the "dominant cause" of recent warming - adding there is "no convincing alternative explanation".

Scientists familiar with both drafts said there was no substantive difference between them. Pielke said former Obama science adviser John Holdren was "wrong" about human influence on droughts because there has been no increase in droughts in the U.S. The agreement, spearheaded by Trump's predecessor Barack Obama, and signed by 195 countries in April 2016, aims to fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions and limiting global temperature rises to below 2 degrees Celsius. And he said that for most people, climate change remains low on their list of worries.

This national assessment lays a foundation for securing federal funding and regulatory direction on climate policy, and it offers state and local governments the technical assistance they need to incorporate the impact of climate change into their planning for infrastructure, land use and other long-term issues.

Local officials aren't the only ones trying to cope with the effects of climate change.

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