Mega Million, Powerball topping $300 million each

Mega Million, Powerball topping $300 million each

Mega Million, Powerball topping $300 million each

Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot was $350 million and the winning numbers were 11, 17, 50, 52 and 74, with the Mega Ball 14.

The Powerball prize ticked up to $356 million after no one matched all five numbers and the Powerball number in a drawing Wednesday night.

Officials with the Kentucky Lottery officials say a victor in Kentucky could be great for the state economically. "When the jackpots are high, all Wisconsin homeowners benefit from the increased sales that generate dollars for property tax relief", said Wisconsin Lottery Director Cindy Polzin. Pyle II of Houston claimed a second-tier Powerball prize worth $1 million.

Having two jackpots standing at $749 million together, is still fun, Gentry said. Its members sell about two-thirds of all lottery tickets in the U.S. It was the largest lottery jackpot ever won in New Hampshire and the eighth-largest of any jackpot in US history.

The odds of winning either are extreme - one in 292 million in Powerball, one in 259 million in Mega Millions. There could be more than one victor, and nearly every victor chooses to take a smaller one-time payment, rather than annuity payments spread over 29 years.

That's more than 75 quadrillion for those who don't want to figure that out.

Right now, with a $2 ticket, somebody could win more than $300 million for each drawing.

The chances are slim to win just one of this week's drawings. "He was only 25", she said as she loaded groceries into her auto outside Hannaford Thursday afternoon.

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