Man comes home from the USA, finds his mother's skeleton

Man comes home from the USA, finds his mother's skeleton

Man comes home from the USA, finds his mother's skeleton

Khanvilkar said, "We had visited the building in October 2016 on receiving the online missing person's complaint from Ruturaj.The secretary and the guard told cops they had not seen Sahani since April after she told them that she was going to an old age home".

"On Sunday, Rituraj came down to India unannounced. Her only son, Rituraj, is a software engineer and stays in the U.S.", an official said. "We contacted the son and asked for more information including other possible addresses where she could be found".

Asha Sahani had been living alone in the apartment since her husband's death in 2013.

Police are now awaiting the post-mortem report to ascertain the actual cause of her death, The Indian Express reported. The Indian Express reported that although she had stopped paying maintenance for months, the residents didn't force open her house as no family member was present.

Police informed that the Sahani's only son Ruturaj was a software engineer and was residing in the USA and the last time he spoke to her was on April 2016.

Rituraj reached Mumbai around 3.30 pm.When he rang the doorbell of the flat, she did not respond. He then called a key maker to open the door. The official has ruled out any foul play, saying Sahani in her last conversation with Rituraj in April 2016 had told him that she was doing fine.

Oshiwara Police have registered a case of accidental death and further investigation into the matter is underway. He said the police are investigating why Rituraj didn't visit the police station after lodging that complaint. They also added that the last conversation she had with Sahani confirms that she wanted to move to an old-age-home.

Khanwilkar said that since the 10th floor has only two flats and both belong to the Sahanis, neighbours did not sense any foul smell. The inspector added, "In the bedroom, Rituraj found the body of his mother, which had decomposed to such an extent that only her skeleton remained".

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