Game of Thrones costumes are rugs from Ikea

Game of Thrones costumes are rugs from Ikea

Game of Thrones costumes are rugs from Ikea

From Jaime and his gold plated suit of armour to Jon Snow's love of woolly robes, the residents of Westeros are brought to life by their fashion choices.

While IKEA will always be our go-to for affordable and on-trend furniture, it's also the go-to for Game Of Thrones costume designers.

"These capes are actually Ikea rugs", she confessed, "A bit of a trick".

"These capes are actually Ikea rugs", Clapton said as she shared a photo showing members of the Night Watch.

Costume designer Michele Clapton gave an insight into the show during a talk in Los Angeles a year ago - but video from the event started to re-circulate online now that season seven fever is in full swing.

Could you have guessed this Game of Thrones costume secret? But, if you're looking to play Jon Snow for Halloween, or simply want to bring some Game of Thrones goodness into your space, then head to your local Ikea.

'We take anything we can. These days, Jon Snow has upgraded his wardrobe to reflect his King in the North status, and it looks like his new robes aren't quite IKEA.

"We cut, and we shaped them, and then we added strong leather straps, and then breakdown - which is like religion on Game of Thrones". Although we're not quite sure which rug they use.

Some favour the RENS sheepskin (€35). What might surprise some fans, however, is that IKEA rugs are often used as clothing.

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