Attorney for Northwestern professor Wyndham Lathem says he won't fight extradition

Attorney for Northwestern professor Wyndham Lathem says he won't fight extradition

Attorney for Northwestern professor Wyndham Lathem says he won't fight extradition

A Northwestern University microbiologist suspected in the stabbing death of a 26-year-old MI native is due in a California courtroom Monday. He had already been dead for at least 12 hours. Published in top scientific journals, he was a sought-after speaker on pneumonic and bubonic plagues.

Lathem waived his extradition rights in Alameda County Superior Court on Monday, and a judge determined that Lathem must be removed from California by September 6.

Northwestern University says it fired Wyndam Lathem, an associate professor of Microbiology-Immunology, when an arreste warrant was issued for him last week. The video raised concern among investigators that Lathem might kill himself. These are from friends and colleagues who have known him for decades. He and Lathem were seen in surveillance video leaving Lathem's high-rise apartment building the day of the stabbing. Allan Sheppard expected Lathem would make his first appearance in Cook County Criminal Court in a matter of days, and that he would seek to have Lathem granted bond so he could go free while awaiting trial.

Warren, a resident at Somerville College, a part of the Oxford University Network, remained in custody in a San Francisco jail.

Both men disappeared after Cornell-Duranleau, a hairstylist and MI native, was found dead, authorities said.

Warren, a British national, surrendered in San Francisco and does not have an initial court date yet. They declined to comment. Police said the men later drove to Lake Geneva and donated $1,000 to the Lake Geneva Public Library in the victim's name. Lake Geneva authorities said the man making the donation did not give his name.

Lathem surrendered to U.S. Marshals at the federal courthouse in Oakland and Warren walked into the San Francisco Police Department's Park District Station to turn himself in. Just a few days before Duranleau was found dead on July 27 in Lathem's River North apartment, Warren left his home in England to come to the USA without telling his friends or family where he was going or why.

The two eluded police for eight days before surrendering separately on Friday evening in the Bay Area.

On the night of the slaying, police said the front desk of the building where Lathem lived in Chicago's trendy River North neighborhood received an anonymous call from a person who said that a crime had been committed in Lathem's 10th floor apartment.

"They all describe him in the same way - a kind, intelligent, and gentle soul", he added.

A United States professor who went on the run following the murder of a Chicago hairstylist will plead not guilty to the killing, his lawyer said Monday.

"They knew the seriousness of the charges, the seriousness of the case and how important it was that he be brought into custody, not have to live a life on the run", Conroy said.

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