What Does Stephen King Think Of The 'Dark Tower' Movie?

What Does Stephen King Think Of The 'Dark Tower' Movie?

What Does Stephen King Think Of The 'Dark Tower' Movie?

Rounding out the top five movies at the USA box office this weekend were Dunkirk ($17.6 million), The Emoji Movie ($12.4 million), Girls Trip ($11.4 million), and Kidnap ($10.2 million).

With the first film only just hitting cinemas, it sounds like Columbia Pictures already has ambitious plans for where Nikolaj Arcel's The Dark Tower could take us with a sequel.

The film, based on a series of best-selling novels by horror and fantasy master Stephen King, stars Tom Taylor as a boy who finds himself in another dimension where a gunslinger (Idris Elba) helps him try to save the world from enemies including a Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey).

Annapurna's "Detroit", the latest film from Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, met even more resistance, grossing a mere 7.25 million United States dollars for the weekend. Given the criticism of the first film, it looks like it won't just be the source material that will need a reshuffle when/if we move up the floors of The Dark Tower.

The films total gross in the USA now sits at $133 million with $200 million fast approaching. The movie got the highest revenue from Russian Federation of $4.1 million out of $8 million from the 19 different markets. August is a lot quieter this year compared to last year when Suicide Squad came out.

Meanwhile, Aviron's "Kidnap", the Halle Berry thriller which has been awaiting release for two years, scored a modest debut, taking in 10.2 million United States dollars. The domestic tally for the film now stands at $17.6 million.

That leaves "Kidnap" ― from David Dinerstein's recently-launched Aviron, and Lotus ― which is racing to $10.2 million from 2,378 locations. This summer has lagged overall due to a number of big-budget movies flopping or underperforming, and this latest showing will only put the business farther behind.

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