Massena Public Library holding special events on eclipse day

Massena Public Library holding special events on eclipse day

Massena Public Library holding special events on eclipse day

While they can look at the corona normally using disks in the telescopes creating artificial eclipses, the moon here is going to do something that disks can't, by creating a ideal Solar Eclipse, this August 21st by exposing the inner part of the corona.

Since the much-awaited total solar eclipse that will be seen across the United States is just nine weeks away, Tech Times has prepared a list of tips to make the experience more memorable.

The Massena Public Library is participating in a NASA program to observe the first total solar eclipse that has been viewable in the contiguous United States in 38 years. A very special part of the show relates, in a very human way, what happens when you are caught in the shadow of the Moon and the Sun is plunged into a total solar eclipse.

On the other end, the eclipse will start in Columbia, South Carolina at 1:03 p.m. EDT with totality starting at 2:41 p.m. Totality will start to wane at 2:44 p.m. and the eclipse itself ending at 4:06 p.m. Here in Michiana, we will see the sun become 90 percent eclipsed by the moon, which will still require glasses, which can be found easily on the internet.

NASA will have a live stream of the eclipse, but Faherty says people living in places that will get a partial eclipse should prioritize seeing it with their own eyes. "People should be aware that they can make perfectly good viewers for almost nothing by making a pinhole viewer", he said.

The glasses can be purchased at Lowes in Vestal and Chenango for $2.

Cardboard frames for solar eclipse glasses are stacked in the American Paper Optics factory in Bartlett, Tenn. During most of a solar eclipse, the sun will be partly blocked by the moon, making it less bright. Officials at the Kopernik Observatory say it may come closer to our area giving us a higher chance to view it within the totality.

An added risk during the eclipse is for those who try to look at the sun through binoculars, a camera or a telescope.

"It's incredible to think that when the last solar eclipse crossed the United States coast-to-coast, an artist's painting or perhaps a photograph was the best way to share it. Thanks to Volvo, CNN and emerging technology, people can experience the eclipse as if they are there".

- The Marshwalk in Murrells Inlet will be hosting Eclipse Day, offering people the opportunity to combine the natural wonder of the eclipse with the beauty of the Marshwalk.

Solar-powered generators centered in the path of totality will be affected the most, as the moon will block all direct sunlight for up to three minutes. Space St. Croix also offers training for teachers who want further education on these topics. Here's everything you need to know about this rare event.

Of course, not everyone would be lucky enough get the full total solar eclipse experience, but NASA has got it covered. It is critical to wear safety glasses during the eclipse. There will be a noticed darkening of the sky similar to a cloud blocking the sun. "It can cause severe vision problems", he warns.

If you are able to witness totality, take a few seconds during that time to scan the horizon.

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