Apple developing non-iPhone watch

Apple developing non-iPhone watch

Apple developing non-iPhone watch

A portion of the new models for the Apple Watch will be outfitted with LTE chips and have the capacity to perform many errands without requiring an iPhone to be in extend, the Bloomberg report said.

Bloomberg issued a report today saying that the next version of the Apple Watch will have the ability to connect to the internet without having to depend on pairing up with a nearby Apple iPhone.

The report says the company has already begun talks with several network providers in the USA and Europe about rolling out the device later this year. Qualcomm has always been the chip supplier for Apple mobile devices, but since the companies are embroiled in a legal dispute, Apple has chosen Intel for the task at hand. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that Watch sales "were up over 50% in the June quarter".

Some network carriers did mention that they are planning to sell the gadget in the U.S. This list includes AT&T Inc.

The last addition to Apple Watches was a year ago in September, with a new Global Positioning System and water proofed watch.

A previous report revealed the presence of LTE connectivity on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 3 wearable and it looks like there is further evidence to substantiate that claim.

One thing the report doesn't say is regardless of whether the Apple Watch will appear to be identical for the third year in succession.

The next-generation smartwatch will most likely be announced alongside the new iPhone model in September. It's not clear how certain Gruber is that the redesign will happen this year; but if a slimmer watch is in the works، that change could be just as big of a deal. Apple addressed that with the Apple Watch Series 2, thereby allowing users to leave their iPhone at home when going out for a run.

While originally positioned as a luxury device, Apple has more recently focused on the fitness credentials of the Watch. Apple is now facing an ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm over patents and depending on Intel should be seen as purely a business decision.

Intel may have the cellular-capable Apple Watch design win all to itself.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is already in talks with key partners to build and release a Smartwatch with inbuilt LTE before the end of this year.

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