United Nations approves new North Korea sanctions over missile tests

United Nations approves new North Korea sanctions over missile tests

United Nations approves new North Korea sanctions over missile tests

The UN Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday in NY to impose its toughest sanctions so far on North Korea.

Even North Korea's ally China supported the sanctions as did Russian Federation.

He told reporters that China's main goal 'is for the parties involved in the nuclear issue to return to the negotiating table, ' and even though he admitted that it was not an easy endeavor, he stressed that 'it is the right track which we must be working on.' The Wang-Ri meeting was held in line with the 50th Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), coinciding with its 50th anniversary.

"The North Korean threat has not left us".

The measure cuts about $1 billion worth of North Korean exports, or about a third of the country's export revenue each year.

"These sanctions will cut deep, and in doing so will give the North Korean leadership a taste of the deprivations they have chosen to inflict on the North Korean people", Haley said.

Last month, North Korea tested two ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States.

The comments came as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was in the Philippines for a regional summit expected to focus heavily on concerns with North Korea.

All 15 Security Council members approved the resolution, including Russian Federation and China.

The sanction also blacklisted nine DPRK individuals operating overseas as representatives of designated entities (asset freeze and travel ban) and four DPRK commercial entities designated for an asset freeze.

The UN Security Council resolution was adopted in response to the DPRK's ballistic missile launches on July 3 and 28, which the country has claimed were of "intercontinental" range.

McMaster continued: "So what we have to do is - is everything we can to - to pressure this regime, to pressure Kim Jong Un and those around him such that they conclude it is in their interest to denuclearize". This year, Pyongyang was estimated to earn $251 million from iron and iron ore exports, $113 million from lead and lead ore exports, and $295 million from seafood exports, the diplomat said.

"It's going to hit hard but it's going to make a strong point to North Korea that all this ICBM and this nuclear irresponsibility has to stop".

The draft resolution asks the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against North Korea to ban the import of many more so-called "dual-use items" that have commercial use but can also be used in conventional weapons or biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

Though the economic sanctions have teeth, Washington didn't get everything it wanted.

Trump's willingness to go to war with North Korea was mentioned by Sen.

It would also give a green light for the committee to designate specific vessels that are breaking sanctions from entering ports all over the world, and to work with INTERPOL to enforce travel bans on North Koreans on the sanctions blacklist.

He said he hoped comments by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday, that the US is not seeking regime change or to accelerate reunification of North and South Korea or an excuse to send the US military into the region, were honest.

Neither oil nor new air restrictions are included in the resolution.

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