RT America: Manhunt underway after 3 people shot in San Francisco park

RT America: Manhunt underway after 3 people shot in San Francisco park

RT America: Manhunt underway after 3 people shot in San Francisco park

Dolores Park sits on a hill in the Mission Districts and it's a popular destination for locals and tourists who come to sunbathe and take in the city views.

No arrests have yet been made. Police are now searching for several suspects and will stay at the park this evening to investigate, KPIX reported.

A San Francisco General Hospital official said one of the victims has life-threatening injuries and remains in critical condition. Hospital spokesman Brent Andrew said that a third patient from the scene was a minor and his name and condition were being withheld.

A man who witnessed a shooting said it happened after about half a dozen men who covered all but their eyes started shouting and acting threateningly on a park's bridge. "I went up there to mediate and make sure everything was OK and nobody was fighting". Instead he heard, "They're strapped!" Hatter's version of events were corroborated by multiple unnamed witnesses, according to the Chronicle.

Hatter says two people directly behind him were struck by bullets. Hatter escaped with only some "shrapnel" to his leg, he said, perhaps from a ricochet. He says that in a situation like these I would have normally handle it, but I was also sure that I was going to lose my life that time.

Nearby resident Antonia Juhasz said she was sitting in Dolores Park when she heard a burst of gunshots.

In addition to a triple shooting at Dolores Park and another shooting in the Haight, shots were fired near Western Addition on Ellis and Pierce streets. "Literally, the people were behind (the statue) in the middle of the day, the middle of the park, packed with kids, packed with people".

She said to the newspaper that she heard popping sounds that she first associated with fireworks. She says once people realized gunshots were erupting, they started running in a panic.

That is where a witness tells KRON4 they saw a man walk up to the gate of a soccer field there and then fire five shots. The hooded man was holding a handgun while he ran away over the bridge in the park and into the neighborhood.

"It was terrifying, mostly because people weren't reacting", she added.

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