40 children hospitalized after chemical leak at pool

40 children hospitalized after chemical leak at pool

40 children hospitalized after chemical leak at pool

The facility was evacuated and YMCA staff said campers from the YMCA were transported to Club Boulevard Elementary School. Six of those injured, all of them children, were reported to be in serious but "non-life-threatening" condition. "If you add a small amount of water to a large amount of chemical, it will give off gas and produce toxic gases", said Chris Salter of the Durham County Health Department. In a statement, county spokesperson Dawn Dudley identified the chemical released as hypochlorite, "a chemical used for everyday maintenance of swimming pools".

Initial reports indicated there was a chlorine leak at the YMCA.

A North Carolina YMCA was closed Wednesday after a sodium hypochlorite leak sent 42 people to area hospitals, including six children in serious condition. The children were taken to Duke University Hospital or Duke Regional Hospital.

Officials say a lifeguard noticed a strong chemical odor.

One more individual was transported to a local hospital several hours later after they experienced symptoms similar to those affecting the children, said Durham County Emergency Medical Services Assistant Chief Brandon Mitchell. Glenn has since confirmed that the Durham Fire Department has launched an investigation at the facility.

YMCA officials said late Wednesday they will determine by 10 a.m. Thursday if the YMCA will reopen Thursday.

Siler said that children began feeling sick while at the pool, but they were not put on ambulances until they arrived back at the school.

"I felt lightheaded with my throat hurting", Siler said of her symptoms before she was taken to the hospital via ambulance.

"Where those two chemicals mixed, there was a leak".

"There were no kind of chemical burns or nothing like that. It was all mainly coughing and one or two maybe vomiting", Abdul Siler, Kamali's father explained.

It happened before 2:45 p.m. when about 100 campers were swimming in the pool.

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