Microsoft introduces Eye Control feature in its latest Windows 10 preview build

Microsoft introduces Eye Control feature in its latest Windows 10 preview build

Microsoft introduces Eye Control feature in its latest Windows 10 preview build

Recently, Tobii, a Swedish high-technology company that develops and sells products for eye control, had announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft to bring its eye tracking feature in Windows 10 that allows you to control a computer using only your eyes. Eye Control now only works with select Tobii eye-tracking hardware, but Microsoft is planning on expanding support for other devices in the future.

Microsoft is testing a Windows 10 feature that allows people to control features of the operating system with their eyes.

Microsoft is now working with Insiders to finalize its Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, developed under the codename "Redstone 3", which is expected to begin rolling out in September.

Eye Control is still in beta and only works with the EN-US keyboard layout, but more keyboard layouts are on the way.

Eye Control is now being tested through Microsoft's publicly-available Windows Insider Program. The new default colours will modernise the look of the Windows Console and make it more congruent with other terminal experiences, such as the integrated terminal in VSCode.

Shape writing feature would speed up typing? Microsoft says the change has been made to ensure that darker colors look better on modern monitors, and just to give the console a more contemporary look all-round. We'll soon be publishing a tool that will help you apply this new scheme and a selection of alternative colour schemes to your Windows Console.

Eye Control displays a launchpad on the screen that you can interact with. It would let them operate a mouse to launch apps and keyboard to type out words just by focusing eyes on the subject for some time. For Insiders, they need to clean install the build 16257 on their machine. The feature requires an external eye-tracker, which Microsoft has delivered by collaborating with Tobii, a pioneer in gaming dedicated eye-trackers. It will also feature predictive text.

Also, the launchpad partially blocks the "Tobii UI" during device calibration.

We won't have a new Windows Server Insider Preview build for Windows Insiders this week.

Fixed an issue where if you switched to a new tab and back in Microsoft Edge, Narrator would start reading from the top of the page again, rather than remember where you had been on the page.

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