Google will give "good apps" a better ranking in its Play Store

Google will give

Google will give "good apps" a better ranking in its Play Store

Google invites developers to use the Play Console which can help find and fix a number of quality issues like excessive battery usage, slow render times or random crashes.

Google's Android operating system is widely used in the world, accounting for a sizeable majority of mobile phone users and to enhance the quality of in Google Play, the company has announced that they'll downrank apps which provide a bad users experience. Higher quality apps will be ranked accordingly by Google's updated algorithm, even if the number of installs has pushed an unstable app to a position it doesn't deserve.

Google will make use of parameters like "performance data, user engagement and ratings" to create "quality signals" for apps which will affect their ranking on category app listings as well as search.

The artificial intelligence aspect is just one way Google is trying to rid the low quality Android apps from Google Play Store.

According to Ahn, this change has seen users gravitate towards the higher quality apps more often, with fewer uninstalls of said apps recorded. It displays a lot of statistics on performance issues and other app flaws that may be causing downranking. This has been something that Google has talked about doing now for a while, and it appears that the purge is officially under way.

Google is focusing on the application quality at the Play Store in order to help users find the apps which won't affect their devices. In a recent blog post on the Android Developers Blog, we learn about how Google is helping people find quality applications and games in Google Play.

To roll out over the next week the updated algorithm will continue or so across the Google Play Store worldwide, the company says. App rankings and search results will now prioritize performance over popularity when determining how high an app sits.

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