India counters Chinese claim of troop cut in Doklam border standoff

India counters Chinese claim of troop cut in Doklam border standoff

India counters Chinese claim of troop cut in Doklam border standoff

Bhutan, which has friendly relations with India and no diplomatic ties with Beijing, does not want to see an armed conflict between its bigger neighbours. "A solution can not be derived out of war", she said. "Now the Indian border troops were still illegally staying in the Chinese territory". "You will know when the crisis has been resolved", a government source said. China describes India's stand at Doklam as an illegal crossover into the Chinese territory.

"This is by no means for peace", the statement said. China will continue to work with Bhutan to resolve the boundary issue between the two countries through negotiations and consultations in the absence of external interference.

China alleges that Indian troops crossed the border at Sikkim in mid-June to stop the PLA from constructing a road in Donglang (Doka La or Doklam in India and Bhutan), a territory which it claims as its own. According to the document, China has no problem with Bhutan and the two sides are discussing the border issue and India does not have to worry about it.

The two countries share a little over 200 km of border in the Sikkim sector.

Pointing out the efforts to initiate a dialogue with Pakistan, Ms. Swaraj said, "The story changed after (the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist) Burhan Wani (in an encounter) when they (Pakistan) declared him as a martyr".

"What is the roadmap on Pakistan", the deputy leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha asked, listing out occasions when the government's approach on Pakistan appeared to flip-flop. Terror and talks can not go together.

# We are talking with China on everything and not just Doklam stand-off.

"What will happen is not full-scale war but an extended period of saber-rattling, followed by a face-saving solution (a step-by-step de-escalation where both armies will withdraw from Doklam after claiming that they achieved their respective strategic goals)", he predicted, saying that a war would be too costly either nation to allow the situation escalate.
India's foreign minister Sushma Swaraj has insisted that both sides should pull back for talking to begin.

"Though we have been seeing construction activities for the past year, there has been a marked acceleration in the past four months, " said a government official. This is far from the truth.

India had then intervened because of a friendship treaty signed between India-Bhutan which states its mandatory for Bhutan to take India's guidance in its foreign policy.

She added saying terror and talk can not go on together, adding that the day terror stops, talks will start.

"India's foreign policy is so good now that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is setting the global agenda on the world stage", she said and cited example of how he played a crucial role at the Paris Climate Summit and at G-20 or other world fora.

In a 15-page statement with maps and background details, Beijing on Wednesday accused Indian troops of advancing more than 100 metres into Chinese territory on June 16.

Government sources said it has been made clear that there will be no troop reduction in Doklam.

About a minute in, Zhou becomes exhausted of listening to Mehta speak, interjecting: "The point is, you are on Chinese territory".

Repeating the charge, Mr. Liu said that as of Thursday, the Chinese Army had counted exactly 48 Indian soldiers.

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