2nd medical marijuana dispensary could be coming to Monroe County

2nd medical marijuana dispensary could be coming to Monroe County

2nd medical marijuana dispensary could be coming to Monroe County

The New York State Department of Health on Tuesday announced that it has authorized five "registered organizations" - permitted by state statute to manufacture medical marijuana and manage up to four dispensaries each - to operate new dispensaries across the state.

The state health commissioner, Dr. Ed Ehlinger, said he re-registered Minnesota Medical Solutions and LeafLine Labs for two more years after reviewing their medical and economic contributions since the state legalized medical cannabis in 2015. The medical marijuana company said in its application it planned to lease the site.

Criminal charges were filed this year against two former executives with Vireo Health, the parent company of Minnesota Medical Solutions, for transporting cannabis oil from Minnesota to an affiliated company in NY.

As Fiorella co-CEO Eric Sirota told reporters, "what distinguishes us from the other companies in the market is that all of our facilities will be located in medical buildings, in academic medical settings".

In 2016 a lawsuit was filed by the first five companies which were already collaborating with the state. They join the following five ROs, which have been operating since the program's launch in January 2016 and have been re-registered for another two years: MedMen, formerly known as Bloomfield Industries; Columbia Care; Etain; PharmaCann; and Vireo Health of NY.

"The supply has never been the problem", said Patrick McCarthy, spokesman for the Medical Cannabis Industry Alliance made up of the original five companies.

Fiorello Pharmaceuticals will manufacture in Schenectady County and have dispensing facilities in Monroe, Saratoga, New York and Nassau Counties. Among the dispensaries will be two at unspecified locations in Dutchess County - one run by Citiva, the other by Valley Agriceuticals, state health officials said.

Valley Agriceuticals, one of the companies that won approval Tuesday for an Orange County manufacturing operation, was among the rejected applicants two years ago, when it proposed manufacturing medical marijuana in the town of Wallkill.

As of August 1, 2017, there are 25,736 certified patients and 1,139 registered practitioners participating in the program.

The increased number of patients coincides with the addition of chronic pain as a qualifying condition.

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