Austin Pulls Ford Explorers After 62 Comp Claims Filed Over Carbon Monoxide

Austin Pulls Ford Explorers After 62 Comp Claims Filed Over Carbon Monoxide

Austin Pulls Ford Explorers After 62 Comp Claims Filed Over Carbon Monoxide

A Henderson police officer is suing Ford Motor Company over a carbon monoxide issue, alleging that some Ford Explorers leak risky amounts of carbon monoxide into vehicles.

Several Texas media outlets cited a city memo that said 20 police officers have been found with elevated levels of carbon monoxide and three have not returned to work.

While there have been reports of exhaust odors in some regular Explorers, those instances are unrelated to reports of carbon monoxide described by some police departments.

The Police Department said it will move equipment from the Explorers to about 200 Ford Taurus and Crown Victoria models, many of which will be unmarked, and have them ready for patrol ready by Monday.

A recall was never issued for exhaust or carbon monoxide issues, but Ford will be coming to Henderson to investigate the vehicle as well.

"The safety of our officers is paramount, so we take it very seriously", Lukovsky said. Charlotte police said 14 of them have been sent back to Ford.

Boston's Investigators confirmed that the officer and the cruiser both had high levels of carbon monoxide.

The Van Buren Police Department is installing carbon monoxide testers inside their vehicles - just like the ones you'd find in your every day home. The Police Interceptor is objective built for law enforcement needs, while the Ford Explorer is built for retail consumers. A spokesperson said the reported problems are likely linked to modifications to the vehicles. A police officer in Newport Beach, California, crashed his police SUV into a tree after passing out out while driving.

The decision by Austin police left the city scrambling to find replacement cars for more than half of its patrol fleet. "You want to make sure that person is safe as well". We have been in contact with Ford since February when national media reports first alleged some sort of issue with the exhaust in 2011-2015 year model Interceptor SUVs equipped with the auxiliary climate control systems.

But the company says it is working with local police departments which drive the specially-modified SUV's. Some departments across the country have removed the Ford Explorer SUVs from service because of carbon monoxide issues.

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