And it's not Usain Bolt

And it's not Usain Bolt

And it's not Usain Bolt

Gatlin - who has been one of the most tested athletes in sport since his return from the ban - showed his class in adding Olympic bronze (2012) and silver in the 100m to go with the gold he won in the pre-Bolt era in Athens in 2004, when he also took bronze in the 200m.

Usain Bolt has claimed that nothing will change his mind on retirement, not even defeat in the upcoming World Athletics Championships in London. Furthermore, all eyes will be on his performance in the 400 metres final with many people expecting him to achieve one of the most incredible feats in athletics, and become the first man to run the distance in less than 43 seconds. I think if he had six months or nine months playing and training with a team then he could play at some level whether that is League One or League Two.

There exists a mutual respect between the two old rivals to the extent the Jamaican was horrified by the booing and jeering of the American prior to the 100m final in Rio past year, and then again at the medal ceremony. By contrast, Bolt has run just three races, dipping below 10 seconds once. My coach gave me my space, he gave me my time to get over it.

"Now that I have got to my goal I am comfortable saying, "Yes, I'm a legend" because I have proved..."

"With football though, in some form you will see him".

True, Bolt's press conferences are always a little quirky. And when Idris Elba appeared to tell him "I am so impressed with you, brother; you are an exemplary athlete and an unbelievable human being" the impression that the Brewery in London was hosting a revivalist meeting not an athletics press conference was complete. I combined that with a good work ethic, good mindset and focus.

The Coleman story began in Atlanta, Georgia, where he started sprinting aged five, before putting athletics on the back burner at high school.

"The last 100m race I ran was a 9.95sec which shows I am going in the right direction".

"I've always looked younger, so naturally my body got a bit bigger and stronger".

Bolt, 30, will bring his stellar career to a close at the 2017 IAAF World Championships, having won eight Olympic gold medals and 11 world titles.

Instead, it was a relatively low-key affair, with mum Jennifer and dad Wellesley joining him on stage.

'No athlete would ever want to see their records beaten.

Sporting the goatee he wears during world championships, but not the Olympics, the superstar who went 9 for 9 at the Summer Games, shattering records while dancing and smiling his way through the journey, dispensed any notion he might come back: "For me, the next championships should be fun because now it's time to watch and see who can hold their nerves", said the 11-time world champion, who turns 31 on August 21. He's also a clear favourite in the 200m in Mr. Bolt's absence. "I'm definitely going to be able to stay at the top of my game", he says.

"He was looking forward to coming to your last race, to see you compete. There are no words to explain what I've done over the years, and I'm really proud of myself". "The future is very bright for the sprints".

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