Lawsuit filed over Outer Banks power outage

Lawsuit filed over Outer Banks power outage

Lawsuit filed over Outer Banks power outage

Business owners in North Carolina's Outer Banks have filed multiple class action lawsuits against a construction company blamed for a massive power outage, which forced them to close shop during the height of summer busy season. Howe says it is the only place in town to get a meal.

The mishap cut off power from that point south to Ocracoke, the southern terminus of the Outer Banks, a string of barrier islands spanning most of North Carolina's northern coast.

A state of emergency and mandatory evacuation for all visitors in Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands is still in effect, and an estimated 45,000 to 50,000 people have left the islands due to the outage.

About 3,700 tourists and almost 1,400 cars were ferried off Ocracoke as of Saturday, according to the Hyde County website.

PCL is building a new bridge over the Oregon Inlet, parallel to the current Bonner Bridge.

A sign in Moyock, N.C., warns travelers that access to Hatteras and Ocracoke islands is restricted to residents only on Saturday.

Cooper said he called local officials to pledge state help.

"Both options are actively being worked on and Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative says depending on which solution turns out to be the most practical, the time line for a complete fix could vary from one to two weeks", the news release said.

Dare County spokeswoman Dorothy Hester had no estimate for how many people still needed to leave Hatteras Island. They brought a lot of stuff here.

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"As they drove that casing down into the ground, they heard a pop", she said.

Some of the most hard-hit businesses are vacation rental companies, which account for about half of the area's tourism revenue.

While villages north of the bridge may benefit from some displaced tourists, others "got the message and are staying home", he said.

Power is delivered by three cables because electrical transmission employs a three-phase system to keep the power stable and flowing economically. "But financially for us, losing time in August is a big deal". "This is when everybody on this island makes the bulk of their income for the year, so it's definitely a setback. We're just holding our breath and waiting".

The cooperative said today that it could be one or two weeks before full power is restored. Splicing on the first damaged cable was complete.

"Until we know something, we're trying not to fret too much", she said.

"I'm so upset. Hatteras Island had to evacuate this morning so much for vacation this summer". "It's completely empty right now, so they had to lay off half the staff".

Balance said Saturday that they had a great turnout for the event.

There are still efforts underway to provide additional generator power to temporarily restore the normal load. They were asked to curtail the use of air conditioning.

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