Indianapolis Officer Killed in Line of Duty Given Ceremonial Procession

Indianapolis Officer Killed in Line of Duty Given Ceremonial Procession

Indianapolis Officer Killed in Line of Duty Given Ceremonial Procession

Southport is a suburb of Indianapolis. Bowman says driver Jason Brown was upside-down in the vehicle and being held in by his seat belt. As Allan approached the auto, somebody inside the vehicle fired on him, killing the policeman with nearly 20 years of service.

'While the police were firing at the vehicle, they had to literally yell at people to get back, ' Dewbrew said of the deputy and another officer from the Homecroft Police Department who responded in the minutes after Allan was shot.

The auto is believed to have flipped over after striking the center median at a high rate of speed near Madison Avenue and Maynard Drive.

"He's shy, he's timid", she said.

"Jason lives for three things: tattoos, skateboarding, and his son", Wagner added. "He had that switch, where to him it was going out talking to friends all day".

Jason Brown's social media pages appear to indicate he also had an interest in firearms. Brown is a tattoo artist at Delta 9 tattoo parlor in IN and has a young son.

Brown is facing a preliminary murder charge in connection with Allan's death, police said.

When someone replied publicly asking what a "bang bang" was, Brown responded: "A gun". He was found guilty and sentenced to 30 days in a county jail.

Traci Wagner believes "something" had to have happened to trigger such a horrific and out-0f-character response from Brown.

The City of Southport plans to rename the road in front of the Southport Police Department "Aaron Allan Way".

Two officers then returned fire on Brown, striking him in the right cheek, the right clavicle and the left arm.

The person who was in the auto with Brown was interviewed by detectives and released, the police said in a Friday news release. On Thursday, he was reporting a auto crash in the southern area in the Marion County where he got shot several times.

One of the individuals in the vehicle was hit when the police returned fire.

Wagner said Brown is the only person whom she can yell at when he is in trouble who doesn't yell back. Both Brown and an unidentified person were hospitalized with crash related injuries, only one of the individuals was admitted with a gunshot wound.

Brown, 28, has been charged with murder and possession of marijuana.

The 38-year-old Allan had been with the Southport department for six years.

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