Samsung Galaxy S9 could be the fastest phone at 1.2 Gbps

Samsung Galaxy S9 could be the fastest phone at 1.2 Gbps

Samsung Galaxy S9 could be the fastest phone at 1.2 Gbps

It's Samsung's move to throwback Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 that was the first to support 1 Gbps speeds.

Samsung Electronics developed 6CA modem technology which is the first in the industry to bundle six frequency bands to support stabler and faster data communication. The new technology is rated to offer peak downlink speed of up to 1.2Gbps.

Samsung's existing flagship chipset, the Exynos 8895, has an integrated Cat.16 LTE modem which has support for download speeds of up to 1Gbps. That's enough to download a full-length HD movie in just 10 seconds. However, with the new technology coming into the market, carriers will possibly tighten their belts and start testing 6CA speeds to bring them into the market soon.

Samsung worked with a Japanese company that measures cellphone network speeds, Anritsu. Unless roadmaps change drastically, none of the USA carriers will support six carrier aggregation in time for the next iPhone or the Galaxy S9.

It also provides users with high-quality resolution, making it possible to make video calls without buffering and also enjoy advanced featured such as live broadcasting.

In addition to carrier aggregation, the modem supports 4×4 Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output antenna design and the higher-order 256 quadrature amplitude modulation scheme.

Carrier aggregation, as Tim explained in a write-up earlier this year, is a system where multiple carriers are combined to improve throughput and speeds.

Samsung plans to apply the technology in its mobile processors before the year is up. The modem also uses enhanced Licensed-Assisted Access (eLAA) that can aggregate licensed and unlicensed spectra.

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