Wife urges Mugabe to announce successor

Wife urges Mugabe to announce successor

Wife urges Mugabe to announce successor

Her comments also betray the First Family's inner thoughts as Mugabe finds himself at odds on how he could best secure the future of his young family and its assets.

Grace said Mugabe should be actively involved in the process of identifying his successor while the final endorsement of the successor lies with the president.

Macapulane a self exiled former politician described Mugabe as a mafia who is trying to get the sympathy of the people to execute his succession plan amid reports of his deteriorating health.

However, at a meeting of ZANU-PF's women's wing in Harare, Grace Mugabe contradicted the veteran leader, who also attended the meeting, saying he should name a successor.

"Tell us who is your choice, which horse we should back", the country's first lady said.

'If you tell us the horse to back, we will rise in our numbers and openly support that horse.

Earlier this year, Grace Mugabe had said that the party could "field [Mugabe] as a corpse" in 2018 if "God decides to take him" before the vote. "Why should our horse be concealed?" she added, in a speech switching between English and local language Shona.

She said Thursday her husband's choice on a successor should be final. "Because we respect him, his word will be final".

At a ripe age of 93, Mugabe's turbulent political career is way into the twilight stage, something that is fuelling intense horse trading within his feuding party. She said naming a successor "has been the trend in other countries", ZBC reported.

Some analysts have suggested that Robert Mugabe, who visibly struggles to walk these days, could call an early election.

Macapulane said that Grace's calls are only a confirmation of something that has already been agreed in the Zanu PF and being "covered up" as an impromptu call which President Mugabe will "react" to.

Mugabe and his wife have warned against senior party officials anointing themselves as successors.

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