Nintendo Switch Has Sold 4.7 Million Units In 4 Months

Nintendo Switch Has Sold 4.7 Million Units In 4 Months

Nintendo Switch Has Sold 4.7 Million Units In 4 Months

Worst case, Nintendo might only be able to make another 5 million Nintendo Switch units in the remainder of 2017. However, the current sales trend confirmed that they made $145 million in profit with Switch being at the top of the game.

The top-selling Switch titles are, perhaps unsurprisingly, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is at 3.92 million, while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is not far off with 3.54 million, 1-2-Switch is now at 1.22 million and, finally, Arms has sold 1.18 million. And those smiles will be even bigger today as hardware sales close in on five million units. Games shipped thus far is a staggering 335.10 million units. With these numbers we see #Nintendo Switch continuing its strong market position in the gaming world.

As part of our conversation with Karol Severin, Lead Analyst for research on games and the mobile economy at MIDiA Research, we also discussed Nintendo's early success with the Switch console and whether we can expect this to continue going forward.

For Q1, Nintendo took home revenues of 154bn yen (£1.05bn) making it the most profitable first quarter for Nintendo since 2011.

Nintendo sold 1.97 million Switch machines during the quarter, for cumulative sales of 4.7 million units since March.

The results for the first quarter of the 2017 business year indicate Nintendo is poised for a comeback after several years of weak earnings due to the poor performance of the Switch's predecessor, the Wii U.

Nintendo has seemingly successfully transitioned from being known for its hardware to also being an online games producer.

The company maintained its full-year projections, seeing net profit at 45 billion yen, operating profit at 65 billion yen and sales of 750 billion yen.

From the outside in, Nintendo Switch sales forecast looks extremely low.

Following Zelda, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brought in 3.5 million copies.

Nintendo launched Switch in March with a price tag of $300 and had sold 2.7 million units by the end of the month.

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