All SNES Classic Preorders Will Be Cancelled

All SNES Classic Preorders Will Be Cancelled

All SNES Classic Preorders Will Be Cancelled

On Wednesday night, July26, the answer came to our mailbox: All Walmart pre-orders of the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition were being cancelled. Users that used a gift card or PayPal to buy the product will be getting a refund.

Of note, there's no new date for pre-orders of the SNES Classic Edition - it's not even clear if there will be pre-orders at all before the console's planned release on September 29.

Nintendo promised it would do better with the SNES Classic edition, but it's already facing a preorder disaster.

Just when customers thought they were safe from the madness in the comfort of their pre-order of the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition from Walmart, it pulls them right back in.

A previous report claimed that a technical glitch caused the SNES Classic Edition preorders to go live earlier than they were supposed last week, on the evening of July 21.

"I do hope you'll give us another chance to earn back your business", the email concludes.

Some people who managed to pre-order the console are reporting that Walmart has canceled their purchase. That made them the first retailer to do so for the highly-coveted piece of retro gaming.

With the gamers' reception to the NES and SNES Classic Editions, it is up to Nintendo to make the necessary steps concerning stock shortage. I know this from personal experience when a few years ago I tried to take advantage of a $100 treadmill offer from Walmart's website. When it comes to items like these that retailers have made a decision to begin bundling (see ThinkGeek's NES Classic Edition bundles) to sell at higher prices and scalpers selling the items for hundreds of dollars, you've got to think beyond the "we're sorry about that" mentality and look to the future.

The pre-orders went live on Friday, just 30 minutes before midnight and were available for just over half an hour. Well, there you have it, folks: the SNES Classic preorder party is over, at least for now.

Hopefully Nintendo has been able to produce more units this time around.

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