Trump to WSJ: Apple Will Build 3 US Plants

Trump to WSJ: Apple Will Build 3 US Plants

Trump to WSJ: Apple Will Build 3 US Plants

President Trump said that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, called him and promised to build "three big plants, lovely plants" in the US. "He called me, and he said they are going forward".

This time, months after many sounded off about the White House's travel ban from six predominantly Muslim countries, a number of leading tech CEOs had their say on Mr Trump's tweets this morning, which said that the USA military "will not accept or allow" transgender individuals to serve "in any capacity". As The Verge reports, it would also be a huge risk for Apple because it means a big change in how it gets its devices. Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that assembles iPhones under contract with Apple, is scouting for locations to build a US factory, and Mr. Trump was expected to announce one on Wednesday.

In his coming-out statement in 2014, Cook said that "we pave the sunlit path to justice together, brick by brick". Even though Apple has not made any comments immediately following this news article, this development certainly is "big, big, big". That factory may well produce products for Apple, though it wouldn't be an Apple-owned factory.

US President Donald Trump reportedly said that Apple is planning to build three manufacturing plants in America. Apple products are now assembled by little babies overseas, namely in China.

However the company relies primarily on contractors, such as Foxconn, to assemble the iPhone and iPad and only owns one small manufacturing facility in Cork, Ireland.

In order to consider how many jobs Apple's potential three plants would create, there has to be a distinction made between Apple simply assembling iPhones in the USA and Apple gettings its components for the iPhone in the US and assembling it in the U.S. "How does it help us when they make it in China?" By comparison, Apple has 80,000 employees in the USA, much of which comes from its retail stores. Apple never moved jobs offshore, it created them there. On Wednesday, Foxconn Technology announced it would open a plant in Wisconsin.

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