Foxconn is 'single largest economic development' in Wisconsin

Foxconn is 'single largest economic development' in Wisconsin

Foxconn is 'single largest economic development' in Wisconsin

"TV was invented in America", Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou said at a White House press conference. The same can be said for President Trump who notably worked with Carrier past year in an effort prevent the shuttering of plants across the country.

Foxconn now employs 1.3 million workers worldwide, 700,000 in China alone.

The news comes the same day Gov. Rick Snyder signed the Good Jobs for MI tax incentives package in Rochester Hills, which was meant to attract Foxconn to the state. Other states vying for the plant are Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. A number of other states also sought the plant.

Landing the multistate competition has been cast as a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Gou has made it clear he intends for Foxconn to build its brand and acquire leading technology of its own. The decision to build the plant in Wisconsin is a significant win for Ryan and Preibus.

Critics have cautioned that Foxconn has made promises before to invest in the US and not followed through. Despite their broken promises, I truly believe Wisconsin's workers, combined with our state's world-class education system, make the Badger State the best place for businesses to invest, and I approach today's Foxconn announcement with cautious optimism.

It's also unclear if Wisconsin, or any state for the matter, can supply Foxconn with the thousands of skilled laborers it would need to manufacture electronics at scale.

Walker said he planned to call a special legislative session to consider the incentives.

No new federal programs were created to lure Foxconn, a senior administration official noted.

"He said, 'That land should be used, '" Priebus said.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Trump is expected to make the announcement at the White House at 4 p.m. Foxconn expects to build flat-panel screens at the new plant.

Even longtime Democratic critics had a hard time saying anything bad about the deal.

That package will have to be approved by the state legislature. Gov. Walker's office said tax incremental financing is another incentive expected to be part of the project.

Jennifer Shilling, D Senate Minority Leader. said: "While I welcome new businesses to the state, I want to ensure any state-subsidized private sector jobs offer a living wage and safe working conditions".

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