San Diego Comic Con is nearly here and get ready

San Diego Comic Con is nearly here and get ready

San Diego Comic Con is nearly here and get ready

An event like Comic-Con also offers what amounts to an immersive experience, surrounding convention-goers with like-minded, equally avid fans.

It's that time of year again when nerds, geeks, superheroes, and celebrities all descend in a two-mile radius of downtown San Diego to partake in the experience known as Comic Con International.

Thousands descended on San Diego dressed up as their favourite blockbuster characters, complete with film-quality make-up and intricate clothing. Oh, and there'll also be an abridged SDCC roundup edition of The Week in Spandex on Monday (or maybe Tuesday), and business will resume as normal next weekend. It's still heart wrenching to see Eugene on team Negan, but we have a feeling that season 8 is going to bring about some big changes, and some of those changes might give people safety outside of the Saviors. The Mattel booth boasted a life-size replica of the new Batmobile from "Justice League", which looks like a tank crossed with a sports vehicle.

Barb Holland may have perished in season one of "Stranger Things", but her memory - and #JusticeForBarb - lives on at Comic-Con.

Follow along for all of the trailers, updates, and pictures from San Diego. "It would be nice for us to see some form of compensation to keep us there since we're the seeds that sprouted this massive tree".

THESE film and comic book superfans put in a heroic performance at Comic Con 2017 - donning wacky costumes worthy of a movie set. And let's not leave out GoT and TWD, with the former bordering the train tracks next to the convention center and bannering the giant hallways inside. It's been about 10 weeks since the first trailer for The Defenders was released and I think we're due for a second. "The comic book world is not just about comic books".

More Marvel stuff here. The Austin reunion was said to be an event to remember, with big feelings and insight from those who were part of the show, and this one will likely be more of the same.

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