Tony Blair: Brexit might never happen

Tony Blair: Brexit might never happen

Tony Blair: Brexit might never happen

The former prime minister said there was no evidence that Britons wanted to pay a high economic price for Brexit, and so, he argues, "A majority would probably coalesce around a "soft" Brexit".

Mr Blair said he has not changed his mind about his doubts on Mr Corbyn being a good prime minister.

Blair said he expected European Union leaders to discuss reforms that could make Brexit easier for Britain to remain in an "outer circle" of influence.

Britain voted to leave the European Union in a referendum last year and May formally notified the EU earlier this year of the country's intention to leave, starting a two-year countdown to Brexit.

The march toward Brexit was being driven by longstanding political divisions with in the Conservative Party, he said.

The priorities, notably rights for expatriate citizens, how much Britain may owe to the EU budget and how to manage the new EU-UK border, especially with Ireland, are ones both sides want to settle in a withdrawal treaty. Electoral setbacks for anti-EU parties and the arrival of the Europhile Emmanuel Macron as French president have lifted their mood.

"Our savings ratio is the lowest for 50 years, the investment community internationally has now gone really negative on us, the currency's down 10, 12 per cent, investment in the motorcar industry for example is down 30 per cent, living standards are stagnating, I mean this is causing us real damage".

TONY BLAIR was accused of patronising northern voters today after he claimed voters in Barnsley and Boston don't "understand the difference" between staying in and leaving Europe's single market.

Blair's latest intervention will be seen as a climbdown by supporters of Corbyn and comes shortly after he used an essay on the website of the Tony Blair Institute to warn that Britain would be left "flat on its back" if Brexit was followed by "unreconstructed hard left economics".

"Secondly, there will be a significant number of people for sure who voted for him with enthusiasm, [but] I think there will be an bad lot of people who voted for him because they couldn't stomach the Tories and wanted to make a point and I'm skeptical myself that this is a coalition that's holding, particularly if it becomes clear that we're really in the same position as the Tories on Brexit". "The Labour party should be cautious in thinking "one more heave" will deliver victory next time", Blair said.

'I think it's a very unsatisfactory situation where you've got the Prime Minister surrounded by people who are just waiting for the moment they decide to throw her off the ledge, ' he said.

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